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Why I feel like in 2001 all over again?

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By Lavender 382 days ago

Oh my, NFLX, TSLA, GOOG...up and up. Just when you think SPX can't go any further, it dipped and went further north...Why I feel like 2001 all over again? By the way in 2000 and 2001, I was fully invested and the account went down to almost nothing. JPNR was over $1000 (down to $7), AMCC....Legato and XLNK and ORCL were where I lost my $$$.

I was on holiday from trading for a few weeks. So I am not chasing any stock. I am being extra careful here. I pick up a little safe crumbs here and there. As for TSLA, I was bullish yesterday and it turned up to be not so bullish after the first 2 hours. I sold some OTM naked puts with lot of cushion. Can it drop $20 next 2 days? Possible, then it's ok that the stock be PUT to me. I sold some credit spread on spx under 1600.

How does a lone trader keep track of a dozen stocks intra-day to trade the break up? What is the secret?Using softwares? I can barely keep track of two, and the breakout always eludes me as I get away for 5 minutes from the screen? Always put in stop order to buy or sell? I never like doing so.

Love hearing from more of fellow traders...